Meet #nbbookfest author Peggy Bushy

Peggy Bushy

North Falmouth, MA

BOOK TITLE: Lewy, Mom, and Me

SYNOPSIS: In her seventies, Peggy’s mother, Francesca, started telling unbelievable stories. She claimed that people were invading her home and trying to kill her. She also became anxious and reclusive. For several discouraging years, Peggy searched in vain for a reason for her mother’s behavior. Finally, Francesca was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. Although it’s the third-most-common cause of dementia, Peggy was unable to find much information, and the medical community was frustratingly unhelpful.

Her poignant memoir, which reveals the obstacles she faced and the strategies she used to overcome them, overflows with support and compassion for readers confronting similar challenges.

BIO: Peggy Bushy holds a BA in psychology and an MS in education and allied professions. She has three children and four grandchildren. She is expecting her fifth grandchild in May.

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