Meet #nbbookfest author Kathleen Souza

Kathleen Souza
Dartmouth, MA

BOOK TITLE(s): August Skies; June Moon (to be released in May : pre-orders will be taken at Fest)

It is the time and place of August skies as parent and child lie together looking up into the night sky. High above, Little Star and Big Star are also looking out into the galaxy together. The time has come for Little Star to shoot across the sky to a new place, creating its own beautiful light. Little Star and Big Star feel excited, anticipating this new beginning, but there is also worry. Will Little Star’s doubts prevent its beautiful light from shining? Will Little Star be able to leave Big Star and make the leap, or will fear of the unknown and the chance of failure be too great? This inspiring tale speaks to the Big Star and Little Star in all of us. It reminds us that when it is time to journey to unfamiliar places, we must trust ourselves, find courage to shoot forward, and shine.

The June moon rises over the shimmering sea. From their warm nest under the sand, Little Turtle and the rest of his clutch feel that they must make their way towards the moon and the glistening waves in the distance. The path is long and danger awaits. They decide to travel the distance to their new ocean home together. Little Turtle knows that they must depend on one another and trust each other.  When you’re alone, everything feels uncertain, but Friendship is real and true when it makes you feel safe, and Little Turtle feels certain that as long as he and the hatchlings stay together, they can be safe. As they begin the journey, danger strikes, but, just as it seems that they may not make it, they receive some unexpected help. This story reminds readers that relying on friends and sticking together always makes the path easier and that help can often arrive when we least expect it.

BIO: Kathleen grew up in Stamford, CT. After graduating from SCSU, she resided in Norwalk, CT where her children, Kate and Danny, were born. She earned her Master’s degree from Sacred Heart University and now lives in Dartmouth, MA with her husband, Randy. She is currently a middle school English teacher. Kathleen’s experiences as a teacher and mother, and her love of writing influenced her decision to become an author. Years of being drawn to the night sky in search of shooting stars and her love of the sea and its creatures inspired the creation of her two children’s books, August Skies and June Moon.

  • New Bedford Bookfest takes place from 11:00am – 4:00pm on Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 23 at the co-working facility, Groundwork! (1213 Purchase Street). The bookfest is free and open to the public. Dozens of authors will be in attendance to sell and sign their books during the bookfest. Special, ticketed features include a discussion on The Rise & Fall of the American Movie Theater with photographer and author Matt Lambros and a Q & A between BookLovers columnist Lauren Daley and Ruthless River author Holly FitzGerald.  Follow updates at