Fall preview...

The FREE and open to the public New Bedford Children's Bookfest happens on Saturday, Oct. 28, and Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017 from noon to 4:00 pm each day at Groundwork!, 1213 Purchase Street, New Bedford MA. This special kids edition of New Bedford Bookfest will feature 20 authors and booksellers and specially selected illustrators in the Groundwork! Gallery.


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New Bedford Bookfest Participants

THESE AUTHORS, PUBLISHERS & BOOKSELLERS attended the New Bedford Bookfest in April 2017 : Michael Bailey, Donna Bradbury, Nick LeBlanc, Domesticated Primate, Sandra Hall, Peggy Bushy, Jackie Leduc, Ralph Hickok, Rose Grant, Eric Sturtevant, Patricia Perry, Dan Duffy, Lori Bradley, Spinner Publications, Larry Jaquith, Daniel Kern, Jayne Conway, Rich Feitelberg, James Ring, SouthCoast Almanac, Anne Soares, Quantum Prose, Gail Olmsted, Subtext Book Shop, Kathleen Souza, Spinner Publications, Matt Lambros, Courtney Morgan, Joshua Vidal, Cheryl Aguiar, Luann Joly, Gerald Messier, Jim Hijiya, James Marlowe, Meaghan Moraes, Susan Drayton, Louis Horner, Brandon Cabral, Holly Fitzgerald and Alison Mello.